Congratulations – Hsiao Hang Tao on finishing her PhD

Congratulations to Hsiao Hang Tao on passing her viva for her work on soil biodiversity and processes associated with EFB application. To read more about Hsiao’s work:

Tao, H-H., Slade, E.M., Willis, K.W., Caliman, J-P., Snaddon, J.L. (2016) Effects of soil management practices on soil fauna feeding activity in an Indonesian oil palm plantation. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 218, 133-140.

Tao, H-H., Snaddon, J.L., Slade, E.M., Wahyu, R., Caliman, J-P., Willis, K.W. (2015) Effects of empty fruit bunch (EFB) application on soil fauna feeding activity in oil palm plantations. In Webb M.J., et al. (eds). Sustainable Management of Soil in Oil Palm Plantings. Proceedings of a workshop held in Medan, Indonesia, 7–8 November 2013. ACIAR Proceedings No. 144. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research: Canberra.

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