The below is a list of publications, talks and posters from the project and on related work.

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Selected Presentations

Can improved management practices support biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in tropical agriculture? ‘Threats to Tropical Rainforests’ SEARRP meeting London (October 2014)

Biodiversity in the Biofuel: lining biodiversity and ecosystem services in oil palm plantations. Early Career Biomass Network. Southampton, UK. Snaddon, J.L. (April 2014)

Effects of Management Practices on Soil Ecosystems in Indonesian Oil Palm Plantings. 3rd Southeast Asian Studies Symposium. Oxford, UK. Hsiao-Hang Tao (March 2014)

Understanding the Relationship Between Rat Populations and Small Carnivores in Oil Palm Plantations: Prospects for Sustainable Control of Rats ICOPE: 4th International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment. Bali, Indonesia. Mohd Naim, A. A. Ketut Aryawan, Sudharto Ps, Andrew P. Jennings, Geraldine Veron, Aude Verwilghen, Edgar C. Turner and Putri Aulia W. (February 2014)

The Role of beneficial plants on insect diversity and oil palm herbivory ICOPE: 4th International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment. Bali, Indonesia. Hinsch, J, Dedi, Caliman, J-P., Foster, W., Burgess, N., Turner. E.C. (February 2014)

Can Cattle Grazing in Mature Oil Palm Increase Biodiversity and Soil Fertility? ICOPE: 4th International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment, Bail, Indonesia. Slade, E. (February 2014)

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture (BEFTA) Project ICOPE: 4th International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment, Bali, Indonesia. Foster, W.A., Andreas Dwiadvento, Caliman, J-P, Snaddon, J.L., Ir. Sudharto Prawirosukarto, and Turner, E.G. (February 2014) 

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture Project – POSTER, INTECOL Congress, London.Snaddon J.L., Turner E.C. & Foster W.A. (August 2013)

Working with the palm oil industry to improve conservation management. Post Doc seminar series, Department of zoology, Cambridge. Turner E.C. (July 2013)

The Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture Project. ATBC Asia Pacific Chapter, Bandar Aceh, Indonesia. Foster W.A., Turner E.C. Caliman J.P. & Snaddon J.L., & (March 2013)

The SAFE Project and other stories: investigating the design of multifunctional landscapes. Monash University, Malaysia Campus, Faculty of Science, Sustainable Planet course. Turner E.C. (December 2012)

Jungle fever: the trials and tribulations of running researches project in the rainforest. Cambridge Local Group of the BCN Wildlife Trust. Turner E.C. (October 2012)

Taking account of biodiversity and ecological assessment tools within the oil palm landscape. IPOSC International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Snaddon J.L. (September 2012)

Maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem function within the oil palm landscapes of South East Asia. IPOSC International Palm Oil Sustainability Conference 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Foster W.A., Turner E.C. & Snaddon J.L. (September 2012)

The value of biodiversity to ecosystem services in the oil palm landscape. ICOPE: 3rd International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment, Bali, Indonesia. Snaddon J.L. (February 2012)

The Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystem Project. ICOPE: 3rd International Conference on Oil Palm and the Environment, Bali, Indonesia. Turner E.C., Ewers R. & Reynolds G. (February 2012)

Securing sustainable ecosystem services within oil palm landscapes.  Zoological Society of London Symposium – ‘Sustainable palm oil: challenges, a common vision and the way forward’. Snaddon J.L. Turner E.C. & Foster W.A. (May 2011)

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